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Public Auction

Sunday September 21, 2014 at 1 PM Preview 11 AM

Located at Anglins Auction Gallery 2431 Youngstown Hubbard road Youngstown Ohio 44505, US 62 & RT. 7

Large Lifetime collection of pressed steel toys including Buddy L, Steel Craft, Sturdi Toy, Wyandotte, Marx, Structo, Early Tonka collection, Dunwell, Wolverine, Tootsie and much more, Cataloged auction.

5 Pedal Cars, 18 inch Steel craft Cream Crest green and white truck, 1920's 26 inch Sturditoy American Railway Express truck, 1935 10 1/2 Wyandotte green oil gas tanker, 1936/38 11 1/4 inch Wyandotte Ambulance, red 9 1/2 inch Wyandotte coupe no chassis, 1938/39 11 1/4 inch Wyandotte delivery van, 1936/38 green Wyandotte La Salle with travel trailer, Large green Marx Sinclair tanker, Sturdi toy green construction com truck, 1964 Tonka #250 Army tractor, Tonka 975 State Hi=way Dept. road grader, 1956/57 Tonka 975 Highway dept. pick up, large orange Structo machinery hauler with ramps, 1955/56 Tonka aerial sand loader set, 1954 Tonka star kist utility truck, 1961 Tonka #101 golf club tractor, red & blue Dunwell wrecker, Tonka horse hauler, Buddy L Army cannon, Green pressed steel truck with wooden bed, SteelCraft large Bull Dog Mack truck Sinclair?, 1954-57 Tonka #36 livestock van, Tonka Jeep wrecker, 1957 Tonka # 32 stock rack farm truck, Buddy L wrecker, Structo ladder truck, 1956 Tonka Hi-way dept. dump truck, 1961 Tonka state hi-way hydraulic dump truck, 1958 Tonka #04 Farms stake truck, 1963 Tonka orange tractor, 1960 Tonka #100 bull dozer, 1963 Tonka #534 trencher, 1960 Tonka #100 bull dozer, Buddy L builder supply truck, 1957 Tonka #5 suburban pumper #46, 1958 Buddy L blue GMC freight hauler, 1958 Buddy L #6 GMC fire truck, 1961 Tonka state hi-way dept. pick up, 1957 Tonka state hi-way side dump, 1956 Tonka 975 state hi-way dept. pick up, 1957 Tonka brown  hydraulic dump truck, 1960's Tonka dump truck, 1959 Tonka Tonka farms truck with horse trailer, 1961 Tonka #118 giant dozer, 1957 Tonka dump truck, Tonka Jeep, Structo pickup, Buddy L freight loading conveyor, Tonka AA wrecker truck, 1950-51 Tonka #175 utility truck, Buddy L electric emergency unit truck, Buddy L wrecker, Marx deluxe auto transport, Structo auto transport, 1961 Tonka #142 highway mobile clam, 1964 Tonka #526 shovel, 1960 Tonka hydraulic dump truck, 1964 Tonka dump truck, 1961 Tonka dump truck, Tonka state hi-way dept. semi cab, 1956 Tonka #44 state highway side dump, 1961 yellow Tonka flat bed trailer, Tonka T-6 trencher, Tonka dozer, Choice of 4 Hubley items, 1960's Tonka dragline, Blue Buddy L steam shovel, Buddy L East Moline steam shovel, choice of 7 trucks, Wyandotte 1938/39 delivery truck, 1935/36 Wyandotte oil gas tanker, 1939 Wyandotte Ambulance, red and black Wyandotte coupe with electric lights, Wyandotte truck and trailer yellow with wooden wheels, 2 Marx stake trucks, 1962 Tonka #2100 blue tractor & trailer Airport service, 1957 Tonka stake trailer with gate, 1958-61 Tonka #18 wrecker truck, Buddy L wrecker, Structo toy land garage wrecker, 1962-69 Tonka car hauler, 1953-58 Dunwell semi cab, 1953 Tonka #50 steam shovel, 1956 Tonka #02 state Hi-way dept. pick up, Tonka #980 state hi-way truck, Tonka green 975 state hi-way dept. dump truck, Buddy L truck, 1947-55 Tonka extended cab, Marx dump truck, 1947-55 Tonka extended cab, Marx package service pick up with electric headlights, Structo telephone co truck, Buddy L semi cab, Buddy L red wrecker Towing Service, 1961 Tonka #39 Allied van lines, 1954-55 Tonka steel carrier truck and trailer, 1957 Tonka #50 hi-way low boy with shovel, 1961 Tonka sand loader, 1970-73 Tonka dozer, 1957 Tonka state hi-way dept. shovel, 1956-57 Tonka dump truck, 1958-61 Tonka #18 wrecker truck, 1957 Tonka Big Mike dual hydraulic state hi-way dept. dump truck, Rare 1920's Electricar KoKomo race car with track, 1963-64 Tonka #425 fire Jeep, 1956 Tonka lumber truck, 1954-57 Tonka #14 log hauler, 1955-56 Tonka #0860-5 Stake truck, Buddy L GMC Texaco tanker, 1930's Buddy L concrete mixer, 1956 Tonka #700-6 T.F.D.#5 aerial ladder truck, 1956-57 Tonka #04 Farms rack truck, 1954-56 Tonka green giant semi, Marx yellow rusty bus, 1936/38 yellow Wyandotte La Salle, 12 inch Wyandotte stake truck, 20 inch Steelcraft  city fire dept. truck, Tonka sportsman truck, 15 inch Wyandotte dump body with electric lights, 1963 Tonka #300 bull dozer, 1954 Tonka #175 green giant utility truck, 1955 Tonka red rusty pickup, Buddy L GMC Coca Cola truck with cases and dolly, Wyandotte blue orange and yellow dump body truck, Buddy L green Airway express van #563, Buddy L brinks armored truck, Buddy L builders supply truck, 1960 Tonka #02 pickup truck, Wyandotte 15 inch stake body truck, Wolverine Coke dump truck, Tonka Jeeps, Several tires, box of tires, 3 Tonka horse trailers, 5 old grills, Grills hubcaps and bumpers, the Heart beat of America Chevrolet car hauler, misc. parts, Toy books, pedal car books, Tonka 1958 green lowboy apart, misc. trailers, 3 Tonka trailers, 1959 Tonka platform stake trailer, 3 Tin boats, 5 Tootsie toys, 1940-41 green Wyandotte medical truck, Vintage metal wagon, vintage comet green wagon, Wyandotte flash strat o wagon, Buffalo toys bumper car, Wyandotte air speed coupe, Max convertible, Large metal wagon, Buddy L GMC fire truck, several choice lots of Marx Structo and Wyandotte cars trucks and parts, 4 metal airplanes, Check back more to be added.

Complete list and photos at www.anglins or Auctioneer ID # 1087

Terms 13% buyers premium 3 % waved for cash, local checks or checks with a credit card to back up checks no exceptions, Visa Mastercard and Discover.

Anglins Auction Service

 Jeff Anglin Auctioneer 

2431 Youngstown Hubbard road

Youngstown Ohio 44505


       Licensed and Bonded in Ohio and  PA 

Wyandotte La salle

Wyandotte La salle

  • Buffalo toys bumper car

    Buffalo toys bumper car

  • Truck & car

    Truck & car

  • Comet wagon

    Comet wagon

  • Dunwell wrecker

    Dunwell wrecker

  • Electricar & track

    Electricar & track

  • Electricar Kokomo track

    Electricar Kokomo track

  • Flash Strat o wagon

    Flash Strat o wagon

  • Sinclair truck

    Sinclair truck

  • Structo construction tk

    Structo construction tk

  • Tonka 975 sate dept tk

    Tonka 975 sate dept tk

  • Tonka aerial ladder tk

    Tonka aerial ladder tk

  • Tonka sand & gravel loader

    Tonka sand & gravel loader

  • Tonka Big Mike

    Tonka Big Mike

  • Tonka farms truck

    Tonka farms truck

  • Tonka Golf club tractor

    Tonka Golf club tractor

  • Tonka Jeep

    Tonka Jeep

  • Tonka Hiway dept truck

    Tonka Hiway dept truck

  • Tonka stake bed

    Tonka stake bed

  • SInclair truck
  •       Sinclair truck

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